Sunday, July 15, 2007

Abandonded Tomatos

One week ago today I noticed that a tomato plant had mysteriously shown up on my doorstep. Poor plant. Admittedly, the plant could have been there longer than that without my noticing it; but that's at least when I noticed it for the first time.

For reasons related to recent plant death, I have a personal thing to make a point out of not trying to keep plants alive right now. I would have thought this a cruel joke, except I hadn't told anyone about my new-found (and probably temporary) plant abstinence. So, despite the handwritten sign with the plant which read, "Adopt me Please!?" the plant had no hope of becoming anything more than a languishing heap on my doorstep. I have decided that I will do nothing to keep it alive. I offered it to my neighbor Tatiyana, who I thought had agreed to add it to her thriving garden in our backyard; but, alas her broken Russian appears to have prevented her comprehension that I accept no ownership of it.

So, if the person projecting tomato tending my way is reading this, feel free to take your hope for a fruitful botanical to a better home, since as of yet, this poor plant is just as much of an orphan as when you left it on my street last week.