Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Little One

In the hard spot of a stony path
After a season that seemed so fraught with wrath
A little sunshine did become
A light unto this little one

Most thought nothing could grow in this place
Where hard knocks of life hit right on the the face
And yet with doses of morning sun
Growth came to this little one

At first with fear she beheld the grandeur
Of little flowers peeking up to pander
For a gaze at the beauty that had become
A fruit from in this little one

Her fear of pruning did soon subside
In time flowers spread across the hillside
To show the village that however much undone
Jesus had refilled this little one

Where once there were doubt and rejection near
His love had set her in the clear
Still stony were the rocks among
The flowers of this little one

Yet despite the stones along the way
Or the dreams of life cast to the fray
Perseverance had with fruit become
The sweetness o'er this little one

Though small, still lovely with fragrance rich
The doubt and greed had all been pitched
More humble had the heart become of this precious little one

She'd learned the gentle tone and tamber
Of listening to His voice - not clamor
Her cares and fears had to Him been flung
And He now cares for this little one

The place at first so hard and stony
Had turned into a sanctimony
Where He kept her heart and dashed her fear
And left her grinning ear to ear.

He who knew her had and did now own
Her heart as place to call His home
Much calmer now she had become
A protected child - His Little One


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