Saturday, August 18, 2007

Seeds of Life

It seems so dark - a lot like death
I work so hard I can't catch my breath

Does it make a difference, does anyone care
Is all this energy getting me anywhere

The night seems long, the future bleak
My "potential greatness" seems to have peaked

Now my shell gets tattered & cracked here and there
I am forcibly humbled; but, no one seems to care

Covered with dirt & wet from the rain
"Get over yourself" seems the constant refrain

Mushy & pudgy, bloated and bent
I'm trying, but, Gosh! Is this a life well spent?

Now ideals abandoned , practical I become
Somewhat less attractive, but remembering where I'm from

Now the mush pours out - my insides - like water
But with my insides out, I become the fodder
For new life to spring up for all to see
For that's who I am truly called to be...

Remember, I'm a seed; so when my life's well spent
My life's long since to another been lent

So my key aim in helping others become
The best version of themselves is far from dumb

For as this seed dies & starts to decompose
A new plant springs up for others to behold


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