Friday, March 02, 2007

Rose-colored Vision

For some indiscernible reason, (that even my many doctors can't seem to figure out), the whites of my eyes are no longer white on a normal basis. Although most of the time I now look like a drug addict or someone who has spent the better part of the day crying, I'm just someone who's eyes seem to have decided that pink and green look better together than white and green. At least nobody would shoot me if they had to wait to see the whites of my eyes. 8) The photo of my eyes in the previous post is as white as they get (or at least the whitest they've been in the last year).

My latest Dr. is now hypothesizing that I am allergic to the contact lens solution that I used last week with some trial lenses. Nice idea; but, that overlooks the fact that, except for the last few days I haven't had a contact lens in either eye since July 2006. How does she explain my pink eyes (as a color, not the contagious disease) for the better part of the last 7 months? At least the pink is no longer the fuchsia color that made my co-workers cringe in fear that I might infect them. The reality is, that outside of the off putting color, I am the only one who has any discomfort from all this pink. I guess that's a good side effect to looking at the world through rose-colored eyeballs.

You're probably noticing, though, that the attitude accompanying my rose-colored eyes is not very similar to the attitude for rose-colored glasses. Since I can't seem to do anything about the color; I ought to work on the attitude I bring to it.